JSD Consulting


Professional Search Consultants (recruiters, headhunters) are sometimes misunderstood and often shrouded in mystery.

At JSD Consulting we’re not working behind a curtain, opening drawers of CVs, or pounding the Internet for the latest job shoppers and hoppers.

Our Search Consultants want you to have a thorough knowledge of what they’re doing, on your behalf.

For many hiring managers, recruiters and the recruiting profession aren’t something they know much about or sometimes feel very comfortable with.

Partnership removes the “mystique” associated with our business, revealing a clear process; simple to understand, but difficult to perform.

Most search assignments require many hours of dedicated effort in research and hundreds of phone calls, carried out by a recruiter, a professional knowledge networker.

In a way, we’re like a librarian… she may not know the answer to every question, but she knows where to find it. As recruiters, we may not immediately know the candidate you’ll end up hiring, but we know where to find them.

Whilst Executive Search is core to our business, we have also used our business process skills to develop our Onboard Coaching – Accelerated Performance Process™.

Our experience has enabled us to highlight the areas where our Clients have skill gaps. In response, we have developed a range of In-House Management Training Workshops designed to address the soft skills of your managers. Skills covered include:

  • Teamwork - Building Better Teams
  • Change Management
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Project Management
  • Managing Employee Performance and Behavioural Interviewing Techniques